A follow through system

We will provide an assistant to follow up through your goals.


Equipped with scientifically proven habits.

Filtering Information

Every month, we upload information that we found valuable.

Work Routine

YouTube filtered videos

With your support I will be able to increase my productivity and staff.


Filtering Information

Distinguishing the unimportant from the important has become hard, we keep feeding our brain for more and more without reflecting the quality of information we are consuming. Not to consider that we are biased and Read more…


is a website where you can register your day to day, weekly or monthly activities and also take part on someone’s else activities. Each person will have ratings and feedback based on his activities. The Read more…


The idea is simple, try to connect the young generation with the old generation. Open a video company and register students. Every week they do a 30 minutes recording. An old person who has something Read more…


MBA means MADE BY ALBANIANS. In Albania, there are a lot of products being produced but not getting the attention they need to. If things get more organized there will be a lot of profit Read more…