is a website where you can register your day to day, weekly or monthly activities and also take part on someone’s else activities. Each person will have ratings and feedback based on his activities. The activity needs to be specific have at least 5 keywords, 5 demographics, behaviors and interests data. Need to be updated each time an activity occurs and photos will be shown in a timeline view. People can vote or request to take part.
Formular rregjistrimit ven 5 foto per cdo aktivitet Mbasi tkrijohet akounti te telefonohet per coaching 1 here ne 6 muj cdo akountit ti bahet review dhe ti jepene sygjerime Shif google cal ne cel cfare aktivitesh sygjeron? When do you sleep? When does your nightime rutine occurs? When do you reflect? When do you learn? When do you work? When does your wake up rutine occurs? How long does it take?
Banu pjese e rutine me lek ose fslas ndjek rutinen e dikujt tjeter


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