MBA means MADE BY ALBANIANS. In Albania, there are a lot of products being produced but not getting the attention they need to. If things get more organized there will be a lot of profit for the villagers who are working hard but not smart. I believe if there will be a website where everyone lists his product or services everyone will benefit from one another. The same thing that Jack Ma did in China with Alibaba, yes I know Albania can not be compared with China when it comes to production but still, we have the other values that we can contribute to the rest of the world.

Action Points
1- search for things being produced (aida, 7 springs bio farm)
2- contact them all or meet them
3- visit all Albanian villages in 2 weeks to find out more
4- list them all on the website
5- teach them how to use the website
6- Contact similar industries in other countries to corperate
7- create bio shops in Albania with local products
8- add Personalized Product
9- register hand made product, fier, kruje, berat, shkoder (artizanale)
10- add Monthly subscription
11- Sirtari Kujteses

2000$ will be enough to get started and get some feedback, still can not wait for the money to get started soo I am starting with a local page and see how it goes. I will register 20 business on the homepage and each business will have its profile.


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